Fusion Potluck* Dinner

September 8th 


*Students & Residents don't need to bring anything!

Founding and Growing a Mission Hospital in Congo

How Do You Do It?

-Joseph Harvey, MD, MPH&THM and Rebecca Harvey, RN


The home of Dr. & Mrs. Darren and Joy Caparaso

71 Hidden Valley Drive

Elma, NY 14059



Backyard BBQ & Potluck, Swimming, Hot Tub, Volleyball, Games, Fun!

Presentation & Discussion

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SPEAKERS:  Joe Harvey, MD, MPH&TM and Rebecca Harvey, RN

For 22 years they have been medical missionaries in Congo where they started Pioneer Christian Hospital in a remote region of the country – so remote, you cannot get there by road, only by plane or boat. Joe is a family physician who does just about everything – primary care, hospital medicine, surgery and obstetrics (he delivered his own kids in Congo). They have four children who were raised in Congo. The Harveys are temporarily back in the US and we are blessed to be able to have them as our Fusion Dinner speakers before they return to Congo.

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